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I had so much fun today meeting some of our amazing mushers and getting to visit with their canine partners today! Thank you John G. Gomes for the great pictures!! Alaska is a state where dogs are definitely man's best friend and mushing is a big deal! Mushing is similar to the sport of rodeo in that it is very much a family lifestyle with multiple generations all working together. It is centered around teamwork with animals and seeing them as our fellow athletes. It also is a full time endeavor, taking much sweat, blood, tears, not to mention money. Yet at the end of the day both mushing and rodeo is worth it, because there is nothing better than putting your all into something that allows you to partner with creatures that don't speak your language yet love their job as much as you do, so in a way language barriers no longer exist as you work together in something that is not just a sport, but a lifestyle. I am so glad to have grown up in the culture of mushing and rodeo - to have been able to experience the thrill of so many hearts running the path before them with everything have. #lovelife #furrondy #mush #missrodeoalaska2017 #live #mansbestfriend

Michailia Massong Miss Rodeo Alaska 2017, spent some time at the Tozier Dog Track meeting with ASDRA officials, mushers and some of the K9 athletes.

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