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Date: Spring 2025

Location: Alaska

For more information and to receive an application:  Please email

Miss Rodeo Alaska Pageant


Dear Prospective Contestant,

We invite you to compete for the title of Miss Rodeo Alaska 2025 and to be part of the Miss Rodeo Alaska  Junior Court!

Competition will include, but may not be limited to, the following categories: Horsemanship, Speech, Modeling, Personal & Horsemanship Interviews, Raffle Ticket Sales, Photogenic, Personality & Appearance.

The Miss Rodeo Alaska Pageant is not a beauty contest; however, it strives to find a representative who will act, speak, and dress in a manner consistent with the prestige the title deserves. These young women would have the following qualities:

1. Desire to be a leader in her community and promote the state’s great Western Heritage and Western way of life.

2. Love of horses and everything they represent.

3. Desire to act as the official representative of Rodeo to the general public, including the following traits:

         • Excellent sportsmanship

         • High moral and ethical character

         • Careful and humane treatment of animals

         • Understanding of the sport of Rodeo

         • Ability to speak intelligently, with dignity and sincerity

             to explain and sell Rodeo to anyone; even someone who

             knows nothing about the sport

         • Willingness to travel across the state

4. Interest in furthering her chosen career through higher education and special training.

5. Appreciation for the rewards she receives and the value of the many sponsors of the Miss Rodeo Alaska Pageant and The Last Frontier

For additional information, please send all inquiries regarding the Pageant and application process to

We look forward to you competing for the title of Miss Rodeo Alaska!

Miss Rodeo Alaska Pageant Information
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