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2023 Miss Rodeo Alaska
Katelynn House

Katelynn House Miss Rodeo Alaska 2023

On a beautiful Alaskan day in September 2001, Katelynn House was born to parents Dave and Sonya House. Having a father who served in the military and a mother who had a deep love for animals, it was inevitable that Katelynn would acquire their love for our country, respect for the US flag, the importance of family, the reward of hard work, and the duty and privilege to care for animals. At the age of eleven, Katelynn and her family moved from Anchorage to Sutton where she was able to do what she loves most – riding and caring for horses. At age thirteen, Katelynn’s parents surprised her and her sister with horses of their own – a gift that changed Katelynn’s world, as it allowed her to be with horses every day, which is where she finds peace and a true connection. Victory Bible Camp is the foundation of her horsemanship and by the time she was sixteen, she passed all four levels of CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association). Victory provided the education and mentoring in horsemanship, but it is also where Katelynn found her faith in the Lord. For the past seven years, Katelynn has worked and volunteered at the Williams Reindeer Farm, where she has done
everything from working as a trail guide to reindeer herd handlings. Her time at the farm has enabled her to capitalize on her excellent work ethic and love for animals, and has truly been a blessing. For the past four summers, Katelynn has taken two weeks out of her summer to volunteer at Victory Bible Camp as a ranch hand and she will be the first to tell you she gets even more out of the experience than she puts in. In 2019, Katelynn joined the Rodeo Alaska Grand Entry Team and currently races with 907 Barrel Racers, and she hopes to start roping and competing in Alaskan rodeos. To further feed her love for animals, Katelynn works as a Veterinary Assistant for a mobile veterinarian. She plans to educate herself further by going to school to become a Veterinary Technician. After long days at work caring for animals, she comes home
to her six horses, five dogs, four cats, and her rabbit. Katelynn is a proud Alaskan, has a strong work ethic, love for animals, a passion for horses, a deep unwavering faith in the Lord, and is a true patriot. She is honored to represent The Last Frontier as Miss Rodeo Alaska 2023.

Katelynn House
Katelynn House, Miss Rodeo Alaska 2023

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