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The Miss Rodeo Alaska program provides one of the most visible media spokespersons for the sport of professional rodeo and the Western way of life. Representing both state and the sport of Rodeo.



Our primary emphasis in fund raising efforts will be to establish and develop a self-perpetuating scholarship fund which guarantees the program's continuation for tomorrow's leaders.


RECIPIENT—The Recipient of a Miss Rodeo Alaska scholarship reaps the primary benefit. Such financial assistance allows contestants to further their education, while easing the financial strain of tuition, books, fees and other costs associated with higher education.

DONOR—You benefit because your gift is tax deductible. More importantly, you have the personal satisfaction of knowing that you have played a major role in the continuation of this program.

RODEO—The Miss Rodeo Alaska Pageant, and the sport of rodeo benefit, too. Offering scholarships to contestants is a very real incentive that attracts quality young women from throughout the country who are proven leaders, highly motivated, dedicated, loyal and energetic in their quest to preserve the legacy and legends of the American West. Please do your part to assist them in that quest.

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