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Director at Large
Lacy Schebler


Lacy currently holds the position of Director at Large for Miss Rodeo Alaska, Inc., but previously held the title of National Director from 2019-2021. It’s been a lot of fun and she’s learning a great deal about the horse community. Prior to being national director, she worked as a bookkeeper for over twenty years but now is happily semi-retired. She got involved with the horse community because of she daughter Shyanne. Shyanne loves horses and when she was around three years old, she got to ride a horse at her great uncles farm in Indiana and that was all it took. Shyanne was given her first horse Hottie at age 15 years old. Shyanne started on a Drill and Trick Team, and the whole family traveled to all the rodeos where she performed with her teams. It was a lot of fun and hard work. After Shyanne  graduated high school, she told her dad and Lacy that she wanted to try out for the Miss Rodeo Alaska pageant. Lacy was a little shocked because Shyanne is a quiet young lady and her parents didn’t think that would be something she would ever want to do. She not only did it, but won Miss Rodeo Alaska 2016. Lacy and her husband of 25 years, Mike, were very proud of her and all that she accomplished that year. She definitely came out of her shell and became an amazing young woman. The program was in need of a National Director in 2019 and because Lacy felt it did so much for Shyanne, she wanted to help. Shyanne told Lacy that she needed to take the job so she did. Lacy says that it is great to work with all the people that know so much about the rodeo. It’s really been a wonderful experience for her and she loves to help to organize and work on the program.  

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